Flat Rate Pricing

Credit card processing statements can be confusing, and often include a bundle of complicated fees and charges. Flat rate pricing is a model where you pay a fixed percentage of your overall processing volume.

Flat rate pricing guarantees one flat rate no matter what. You’ll know in advance what your processing fees will be. There are no surprises to your bill. Also, you don’t have to worry about downgraded cards because your processor will be responsible for ensuring there are no downgrades.

With flat rate pricing, the fees you pay for credit card processing is a predictable rate from month to month. Choose this plan to get a fair rate while also being less involved in monitoring your transactions.

The downside of flat rate billing is that you are not getting the lowest possible price.

* Other fees do apply (e.g. Standard Monthly Regulatory, Gateway Access, Annual PCI Compliance).

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Is flat rate credit card processing right for my business?

Businesses processes in varying quantities. While flat rate credit card processing may not be necessary for seasonal businesses, stable businesses that operate year-round and process $20-$100 thousand per month could benefit greatly from flat rate processing.

How transparent is this pricing model?

Flat rate processing doesn’t list the details of every transaction at the end of the month. So, compared to other pricing models such as interchange plus, flat rate pricing is less transparent but more predictable.

So what rate will I be charged?

EnrollPay prides itself as having one of the lowest flat rate in the industry with a low rate of 2.4% + $0.15 per transaction. But don’t take our word for it and check the web and see for yourself.

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