What does EnrollPay cost?

You're in business to make money, we can help. Don't pay more than you should to collect payments. We offer lower rates with no setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees. See for yourself. It really does pays to enroll.

Flat Rate Pricing Credit card processing statements can be confusing, and often include a bundle of complicated fees and charges. With flat rate pricing, the fees you pay for credit card processing is simple and predictable from month to month.


Interchange Plus Pricing Interchange rates are set by the credit card companies, and fluctuate depending on the type of card that is used and how it is processed. With interchange plus pricing you get the lowest possible rates.

Ticketing Fees Ticketing fees will vary depending on the ticketing solution needed for your event. Our competitive pricing model is simple and hard to beat. Plus, you can avoid ticketing fees altogether by passing them to attendees.

Other Fees EnrollPay fees are simple and affordable. We don't charge you for every little thing. Our goal is to keep fees as low as possble so our customers can truly say, "it pays to enroll".

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How long does it take to setup a merchant account?

Merchant accounts typically take 24 hours to setup however in special cases, this process can take a few days longer. There is no physical paperwork required and everything this entered online.

How soon after I obtain a merchant account can I begin taking payments?

Once your merchant account has been setup, you can immediately begin taking payments. The only exception would be if you had ordered a payment collection device and must first receive it in the mail before being able to take those payments.

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